The Best Thai Restaurants Near Pembroke, NC

Its use of contrasting flavors makes Thai cuisine uniquely mouth-watering. Chefs pair hot spices with sweet tropical flavors like mango for a depth of flavor that's hard to replicate. Each layer of Thai food adds a unique element to each dish. This makes this food stand out amongst other Asian cuisines. You can experience this in our Pembroke, NC apartments. The Village at Hunter's Run is close to some tasty Thai restaurants. Our top three favorites are:

House of Thai Cuisine

The food House of Thai Cuisine serves has the right combination of flavor and spice to wake your pallet up. Its generous portions and friendly employees make things even better. Don't forget to try their spring rolls. Chances are, they'll be the best you've ever tasted. Their quality alone makes this restaurant a superb choice for Thai cuisine fanatics.

Ruan's Asian Bistro

Ruan's Asian Bistro will take you on a culinary trip around Asia with foods from Thailand, Japan, and China. Their claims to fame are many. They offer enormous dishes, huge shrimp, fast service, and fresh food. The dining room is large and has a wonderful atmosphere that's enhanced by the friendliness of the staff.

Thai Chili

Their delicious red curry alone makes Thai Chili the best Thai food in town. Every dish, from appetizers to main courses, is delicious. They're also vegan/vegetarian friendly and offer sizable portions for the price. Add to this their clean atmosphere and great service and it's easy to see why Thai Chili is worth a few visits.  

Check out our blog for more interesting eats in and around Pembroke, NC. Interested in learning more about The Village at Hunters Run? Contact us today to learn about our affordable luxury apartments.  

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